Sunday, November 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Vs Antonio Margarito Fight Video Review / Recap / Results

Pacquiao admits he was hurt by Margarito (VIDEO)

Review of the Nov 13th fight Between Manny Pacquiao & Antonio Margarito

Pacquiao Vs Margarito Fight: How boxing experts see it

Dan Rafael,

Manny, with that acceleration and his punching ability and his arena accuracy adjoin a abundant slower opponent, at some point, you know, gets the job done.

Kevin Cunningham, trainer of battle champ Devon Alexander

Manny Pacquiao has too abundant duke speed. I mean, he has above duke acceleration and acceptable bottom movement. I anticipate that he will outbox the bigger Antonio Margarito and that he will win a 12-round decision.

Steve Farhood, Showtime battle analyst

This one could be boxy for Pac-Man. He aloof ability hit the bigger Margarito until he can't hit him anymore, and again achromatize in the backward rounds. Nonetheless, Pacquiao should win on points. Manny's a fighter with limitations, not a miracle-worker, so don't apprehend fireworks this time.

Thomas Hauser, SecondsOut Battle News

Margarito is a big able guy. He takes a appealing acceptable punch, he hits adamantine and Manny is activity to accept to airing through some difficult area in this fight.

Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports

This action comes bottomward to one thing: Speed. Manny Pacquiao has it and Antonio Margarito does not. Margarito is tough, he hits adamantine and he's able at putting on pressure. If Margarito is somehow able to bend Pacquiao or pin him on the ropes, it would be a actual altered fight, but trainer Freddie Roach will never acquiesce that to happen.

Steve Kim,

In a action that will be abundant added aggressive than best believe, I anticipate that Manny Pacquiao wins by accommodation over Antonio Margarito. But that he will accept to assignment all 36 account to do so.

Lance Pugmire, The Los Angeles Times

Manny Pacquiao should stop Antonio Margarito by the 10th round. Despite training affected concerns, and the actuality that he is adverse a acme and weight disadvantage, Pacquiao's acceleration should beat the slower above best from Mexico, who will attempt to acquisition the seven-division champ.

Lou DiBella, adept battle promoter

As abundant as it absolutely pains me to say this - because I don't anticipate Margarito deserves this bearings - I accomplish him a actual alive underdog. His accomplished activity will change if he wins, economically, physically he's abundant bigger and I've continued assured that Pacquiao will eventually lose to addition abundant bigger. With the claimed appearances, TV shows and everything, I admiration if he is as fit and 100 per cent athirst as he usually is. That said, Pacquiao by a abutting accommodation but it would be no abruptness if Margarito pulled an upset.

Joe Santoliquito, Arena Magazine

The Pac-Man is battle today. There's been no fighter this decade that's been as consistently abundant as Manny Pacquiao. I would put Floyd Mayweather in there, if he fought added often. It doesn't amount how big or able you are, if you're in there with Manny, affairs are you're activity down. As for Antonio Margarito, there's a lot of accessible questions about him: Was it the "real Margarito" we saw adjoin Miguel Cotto? Or was the "real Margarito" the bluff who was burst by Shane Mosley? We'll acquisition out in this fight. I can't see Pacquiao losing. He's at an angry date of his career.

Tim Smith, New York Daily News

I was a little anxious about the acme and weight cogwheel for Manny Pacquiao, and it still may be a problem. But I anticipate that he has the battle skills, if he decides to use them, to affected any disadvantage in these areas. Antonio Margarito didn't attending that abundant in his aftermost two fights adjoin Shane Mosley and Roberto Garcia, so there will be ample rust. Margarito will action and put himself in harms way, and Pacquiao will booty advantage of that. Pacquiao TKO 10.

Joe Gallagher, trainer of UK battle champ John Murray

Margarito to win. He won't get annihilation off the board and he'll accept to do it like he did Miguel Cotto, but he will win.